Algernon Watts

Algernon Watts, internationally known as “Serpent” of Observer Radio’s Snakepit fame, is brand-new to elective politics.

For nearly 20 years, he has shaped public opinion on social and political issues and earned himself a devoted following here and in the diaspora. But given the economic, moral and political decline of the country, he has decided to “be the change he wants to see ” – and he sees the United Progessive Party as the vehicle for that change.

A favourite son of the Pigotts and Potters communities, Watts is steeped in the values, personalities and loyalties of the people he aspires to serve. Accordingly, he was overwhelmingly selected to become the Party’s candidate for St. George, a constituency that is both large and diverse, and he proclaims himself ready and capable of doing just that: bringing representation to the people.

A man of many gifts, Watts is currently the Managing Director of the country’s largest media house, NEWSCo/Observer/Hitz FM, and a renowned disc jockey. At the same time, he is a farmer and debt-collector, an events organizer and promoter, a feared researcher and respected archivist.

Watts is a founding member and was the first president of the good-governance advocacy group called The Movement. Under the tagline “Ready to Rebel,” he was responsible for galvanizing protest action against the current administration on a number of controversial issues. And he has proved his mettle, time and again, by championing numerous social causes and mobilizing assistance for needy persons.

Most notable is the role he and The Movement played in welcoming and provisioning the people of Barbuda immediately after the devastation of their island in 2017.

Watts is also one of the movers and shakers of the patriotic group The Faithful Nationals, a coalition of organizations and individuals fighting for the interest of Antigua & Barbuda.

He has served the sporting community as the manager of the Rattlers Cycling Club; the calypso fraternity as an emcee and promoter of the art form; and lent his voice and influence to numerous fundraising and charitable endeavours.

A graduate of the Antigua State College’s Engineering Department, Watts completed his secondary education in Trinidad after leaving the Seventh Day Adventist School.

A devoted father, he considers his children not only his greatest accomplishments, but his inspiration for changing the status quo in Antigua & Barbuda.

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