Alister Thomas

For both his contributions to culture and Carnival and to socio-political issues, Alister Thomas is a household name in Antigua & Barbuda.

Born and raised in The Point, when it was the nexus of social, economic and political life, Thomas has a wealth of information on, and a passion for, the elevation of cultural expression in art, music, and Mas’, as well as for the economic empowerment of citizens.

His professional appointments in culture include:

  • Assistant Director of Culture
  • Cultural Consultant to the Barbuda Council
  • Chairman of the Sir V.C. Bird Centennial Committee, December 2009
  • Chairman of the 60th Carnival Celebration Award Committee, August 2017
  • Designer Instructor National Handicraft Centre – Government of Antigua & Barbuda and UNESCO

And specifically in the arena of Carnival, his contributions are:

  • Chief Executive Officer & Designer – Ali & Associates (43 years)
  • Master Costume Designer, Fabricator, and Lapidarist
  • Founder and first President of the Antigua & Barbuda National Mas’ Makers Association

For his contributions in all these areas of national life, “Alister,” as he is fondly called, was recognized with a National Honour: Grand Officer of the Most Precious Order of Princely Heritage (GCH) on the 25th Anniversary of Independence, November 2006.

Thomas has served The People in other diverse and important capacities that include:

  • Information Commissioner of Antigua & Barbuda (2 terms/6 years)
  • Founding Executive Member of the Caribbean Information Commissioners Network
  • Lecturer in Black/African/Caribbean History and Geopolitics
  • Founding Member and President of the National Parent Teachers Association
  • Geopolitics –  Host of Caribbean into the 21st Century, a ZDK Radio program, for over 25 years
  • Founder and Coordinator of the First National Softball Cricket League
  • First Public Relations Officer of the United Progressive Party (UPP)

To all of these assignments and positions, Alister brought his formidable intellect, energies, and commitment to excellence.  The United Progessive Party is confident he will go even further in the interest.

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