Tevaughn Harriette

With roots deeply embedded in the Parham community, Tevaughn G. Harriette wields considerable influence among the youth in St. Peter.

Starring in the No. 1 sport of football, “Peter Redz,” as he is affectionately known, came to leadership early as the captain of the Parham Football Club and as a leading striker for the Antigua & Barbuda National Football Team. When Redz plays, the “Three P’s” come out in their numbers: Parham, Pares and Paynters.

This graduate of the Pares Secondary School declares the pride and affection he still carries by descibring it as “the best school in the world.”  But he longs to see Pares Secondary develop as an institution that turns out not only scholars, but more sportsmen and women of community and national stature.

Harriette’s secondary education prepared him for the world of work, and he went into the security business after completing school.  Three years after he was hired as a supervisor, he had mastered the daily operations of the business and was promoted to the position of Assistant General Manager.

“This is where the load of the operations and negotiations of keeping the business going were placed on my shoulders,” he says.   “I had to put my shoulder to the wheel and rise to the occasion in all aspects.”

The time, effort, and dynamic approach paid off, and young Harriette was promoted to the position of General Manager two years later.  He says, “These unprecedented times, dealing with COVID-19, have helped to sharpen my management skills,” and these attributes have allowed the company “to still be in existence.”

As a member of the Parham Community Group and the East Boys Promotion, Harriette is deeply concerned about the lack of development in St. Peter after decades of Antigua Labour Party representation.

He believes the community should be further ahead in every aspect – especially in its infrastructure; in the employment and deployment of its young people; and in the use of its resources – the land and the ocean – for the benefit of local residents, and not only for investors.

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