Harold E. Lovell

Political Leader

St. John’s City East

Harold E. Lovell has been involved in national politics for nearly all his life and has served in the highest levels of Government. He was a Senior Cabinet Member for the 10 years of the United Progressive Party Administration, serving with distinction in the two most important ministries.

In Tourism, the nation’s largest income-earner, he oversaw a period of spectacular growth in the industry, with the opening of six new major hotel properties and the expansion and upgrading of several others. And it was under his leadership that Antigua & Barbuda earned the title “Honeymoon Destination” of the region.

He is credited with piloting the Cricket World Cup Projects (Incentives) Act through Parliament, by which more than 40 local entrepreneurs moved into ownership of small hotels and guest houses, staking a claim in the hospitality industry.

In Finance and Economics, the Nation faced its biggest-ever challenges during the turbulent years of the World Economic Crisis. As one of the most tourism-dependent economies in the world, Antigua & Barbuda saw its revenues plummet, while, at the same time, seeing the Stanford Empire and the British American-CLICO giant collapse.

This was the situation Lovell inherited in 2009. But with nerves of steel and a cadre of homegrown young professionals, he kept the ship of State from going under – as many large economies had done – keeping every public-sector worker employed; every social program intact; and Social Security pensioners afloat. With his team, Lovell even devised ways in which to deliver a stimulus to the economy, including the acclaimed CABI program that jump-started the construction industry and secured jobs in the private sector.

By 2012, growth had returned to our economy, actually outstripping regional neighbours who had been impacted less severely by the crisis, and placing the country, by 2013, on the launch pad “to become rich,” according to Forbes magazine.

After the UPP lost office and many of its front-liners retired, Lovell remained true to his call to service and committed to the Party he has always championed, ensuring that this Nation has the benefit of a vibrant Opposition.

He was elected Political Leader in 2015 and again in 2019 – patiently building back and building better to face the next general elections, and proving, time and again, that leadership matters.

His love for the people of St. John’s City East – where he grew up and where he now runs his law office – has never wavered, and his passion for representing this multicultural constituency has never dimmed. He actively supports the sporting life of the community; maintains his interest in the education of the youth, primarily at the Princess Margaret School; and continues to look about the well-being of the elderly.

On the national stage, Lovell continues to engage the population as a sober, thoughtful, and experienced statesman, speaking to current economic and governance issues, and displaying a breadth of knowledge that ranges from geology to geopolitics.

Already he is engaged in finding new avenues for development in order to lessen the country’s dependency on Tourism. He is committed to making Agriculture the second-largest driver of the economy; to nurturing young entrepreneurs and business start-ups; and to revamping education to meet the needs of a 21st century population.

As the UPP prepares to hit the ground ready and running after its return to office, Lovell is proud to lead a team that is grounded in experience yet freshened by the new faces, talents, and energies that have been attracted to his leadership, competence, integrity and deep-seated love for Antigua & Barbuda.

“We can do better!” he declares. And in this regard, for Harold E. Lovell, there is no retreat and no surrender.

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