Kelvin Simon


 Kelvin Craig Simon was overwhelmingly elected in the 2023 General Elections as the Parliamentary Representative for the St. Mary’s South Constituency. He defeated incumbent Samantha Marshall, the Antigua Labour Party candidate, by 199 votes.  However, on January 31st 2023, he was served with a Petition challenging his right to sit in Parliament as the Representative.  This challenge was premised solely on the grounds that he was a public servant at the time he was nominated, although he had resigned his position ahead of the election date.

Simon saw this legal challenge by the ABLP as a deliberate attempt to frustrate the will of the people and to hijack democracy.  “I’ve thought deeply about how court proceedings would leave the people in a state of uncertainty, especially when there is likely to be an appeal, by either side, to the court ruling. I am extremely frustrated with this situation.  The constituents of St. Mary’s South elected me convincingly before, and I am confident that you will do so again.  Let’s go back to the People’s Court to get a fresh mandate and create a future that we all can believe in, “Simon says.


As the pre-trial date of the court hearing approached, Simon submitted his resignation, triggering a by-election. He was adamant about removing any doubt about the legitimacy of the outcome of elections and ensuring that the will of the people would not be trampled on.


As Simon prepares for his re-election bid, he continues to touch many lives throughout the constituency of St. Mary’s South as a highly regarded community organizer, guidance counselor, entrepreneur, and national athlete. In an environment where good community ideas often get bogged down with politics and bureaucracy, Kelvin a.k.a. Shugy, continues to demonstrate that much can be achieved when the community works together.  Differentiated by an uncommon blend of business acumen, creativity and people skills, Kelvin has established himself as a well-known influencer in the community, who does not wait for things to happen, but who leads with an infectious resolve to make things happen.

This 15-year veteran in the Public Service in Antigua and Barbuda, served as a guidance counselor at the St. Mary’s Secondary school for six (6) years, Ottos Comprehensive School for two (2) years and the Villa Primary School for seven (7) years.  Although Simon resigned as a public servant in the lead up to the 2023 General Elections, his passion to assist in the development and mentorship of young minds remains a major driving force in his commitment to youth empowerment.

During his short tenure as a Member of Parliament, Simon has demonstrated the ability to meet the needs of the community through mobilization and partnerships. As a well-known community activist, he is the co-founder of “Project Bolans,” a group formed out of love for the community and the desire to see it move in a positive direction. This group routinely organizes sporting tournaments, community clean ups and food distribution drives to support the needy. Through this visionary community platform, Simon has partnered with various businesses to lead strategic initiatives that positively impact the lives of many in his community.

Simon has kicked off his re-election campaign with a series of media outings and community initiatives to mobilize voters to send an even stronger message to the ABLP administration that the will of the people must be respected. He is prepared to do whatever it takes to secure the people’s promise. “Let us take St. Mary’s South from Hope to Higher Ground.  We will Defeat the ABLP Machine and Defend the People’s Dream,” Simon said.

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