Kelvin Simon

Kelvin Craig Simon has touched many lives throughout the parish of St. Mary’s as a highly regarded community organizer, guidance counselor, entrepreneur and national athlete. In an environment in which good community ideas often get bogged down with politics and bureaucracy, Kelvin a.k.a. Shugy, has demonstrated that much can be achieved when the community works together.  Differentiated by an uncommon blend of business acumen, creativity and people skills, Kelvin has established himself as a well known influencer in the community, who does not wait for things to happen, but who leads with an infectious resolve to make things happen.

Simon was born and raised in the village of Bolans and has developed strong ties throughout the community, having received his primary and secondary education at the Bolans Primary and Jennings Secondary Schools. He furthered his studies in Trinidad and graduated in 2004 with a B.A. in Theology/Counseling and Management of Human Resources. Two years ago, Simon added Personal Training to his list of qualifications.

As a national athlete, Simon is a self-described overachiever, having represented Antigua and Barbuda in three sporting disciplines: cricket at the youth level; football at the under 16 level; and basketball at the senior level.

A 15-year veteran in the Public Service in Antigua and Barbuda, Simon has served as a guidance counselor at the St. Mary’s Secondary school for six (6) years, Ottos Comprehensive School for two (2) years and the Villa Primary School for seven (7) years. His passion to assist in the development and mentorship of young minds is the driving force in his commitment to what is often a stressful job.

However, Simon’s track record of leadership expands well beyond the boundaries of a traditional public servant. He has demonstrated the ability to seamlessly shift gears to balance his daily job, entrepreneurial pursuits as well as community initiatives. He has ventured into several areas of business including barbering, retail store owner, personal trainer and vehicle dealer.  He also believes that great leaders aspire to lead by serving the needs of people. As a well-known community activist, he is the co-founder of “Project Bolans,” a group formed out of love for the community and the desire to see it move in a positive direction. This group routinely organizes sporting tournaments, community clean ups and food distribution drives to support the needy. Through this visionary community platform, Simon has partnered with various businesses to lead many strategic initiatives that have had a positive impact in the lives of many in his community.

As a father, Kelvin describes himself as a hands on parent.  He enjoys spending time with his son, teaching him to see life through a wide lens and to believe that anything that he sets out to achieve is possible.

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