Pearl Quinn-Williams

Pearl Quinn Williams rose to national and regional prominence when she championed the cause to retain the Privy Council as this country’s final court of appeal in the lead-up to the 2018 Referendum.

Her slogan, “Trust is a Must,” became a rallying cry for the reform and overhaul of the justice system before any consideration of transitioning to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) ….

Quinn Williams is a retired professional with 28 years of experience, training, and certification in the full spectrum of personal and business banking.

Among the senior posts she has held, she takes most pride in her position as Business Banking Officer.  This is because it allowed her to assist scores of small- and medium-sized business owners, advising them on loan facilities, finance, commerce and business management.

As one of the top Personal Banking Loan Officers in the region, Quinn Williams was selected for a one- year assignment in Anguilla, where she re-introduced personal lending to that market.  She has also trained new staff in personal and business lending products and services, acquiring a number of awards over her career.

Prior to that, she spent seven years at the historic Half Moon Bay Hotel, earning high accolades for customer-service excellence, diplomacy, and leadership acumen.

A graduate of the Antigua Girls High School and the Antigua State College A-Level

Department, Quinn Williams is known for her integrity, analysis, strategic thinking, and organizational and problem-solving skills.

A public-speaking trainer, she was a founding executive member of the Antigua Toastmasters Club, and is an accomplished motivational speaker.  She has won the Club’s International Speech Contest for the Caribbean district, and represented the region in Malaysia as a semi-finalist in the International Public Speaking Contest.

Adding to the value of this Pearl are her vocal activism and her affinity for people, borne out in her membership of the Health Hope & HIV Network, as well as in The Movement, the advocacy group for good governance.

Pearl believes that good governance, transparency, integrity and service to The People are all to be found in the UPP, where she currently serves as an At-Large Member of the Central Executive and an officer in its Women’s Forum.

A born-again Christian, wife, and mother of four, Pearl Quinn Williams lives by the motto: “It’s all about YOU!” 

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