20 UPP Solutions for Relief, Recovery and Shared Prosperity

Your Vote for the UPP on Election Day, January 18th, will enable the UPP “People First” Government to improve the lives of all Antiguans and Barbudans:

  • 10,000 new jobs in our first term through new investments, tourism diversification and growth in the sectors of ICT, green technology, fintech, light manufacturing, agroprocessing and small business.
  • Upgrade infrastructure using new technologies and plans that will provide reliable water in our pipes, a well maintained road network and a cleaner, greener Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Lower cost of living: Reduced customs duties to reduce food prices and the cost of building materials. Lower fuel variation charge to lower electric bills. Cheaper gas and diesel, as UPP keeps consumption tax at a reasonable level to pass on savings.
  • $10 National Minimum Wage; wages will increase to keep up with inflation.
  • 10% Pay Raise for Govt Workers.
  • Majority of the debts owed to Govt Workers and Service Providers will be paid within 1 year.
  • Full severance payment to former LIAT and CAS Workers.
  • Payment of the 2 months wages forfeited by workers during the Vaccine Mandate.
  • No more late payment of Social Security pensions and other benefits. UPP will increase pensions and link pensions to inflation.
  • Affordable housing through Rent-to-own and Buyer Assist homeownership grants.
  • $3,600 APUA voucher towards utility bills for new young homeowners.
  • Sports Revolution will generate new jobs and business opportunities.
  • Tax relief for businesses; UPP will repeal the Unincorporated Business Tax (UBT) and Fete Tax.
  • The Young Entrepreneurs’ Set-up (YES) will support new and growing small businesses with government guaranteed business loans, business grants, free training and support services.
  • Thousands of new Entry-Level Jobs for Youth, requiring no previous work experience; UPP will use business tax incentives to achieve this.
  • 10% Of CIP money placed into Youth Development Fund.
  • Increased funding for Scholarships and Student Loan Forgiveness up to $10,000.
  • Government will pay the costs to sit five CXC subjects, inclusive of Maths and English, for all CXC students.
  • Maintenance Of Minors (MOM) Programme will protect children in low income and unemployed custodial households from financial hardship.
  • Free Eye Care & Dental Care for children 18 years or under.

Click Here to View Our Full 2023 Manifesto

On Election Day, Wednesday January 18th, Mark Your X By The Sun


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