UPP Will Confront the Jobs and Cost of Living Crisis Head-on

The cost of living in Antigua and Barbuda continues to escalate with no relief measures being considered by the Browne administration. The price of fuel is still too high as well as the ever-rising cost of food items and building materials.
The UPP has developed a well-thought-out plan to create meaningful jobs and to lower the cost of living and will ensure that Antigua and Barbuda returns to a path of prosperity, as one of the best places in the OECS to live, work and do business.
While the UPP acknowledges that tourism will remain the main lever for development, a UPP administration will embark on a path of economic diversification to create more lucrative linkages to the tourism sector.
“We will work to stimulate the creation of 10,000 new jobs – over our first term – by attracting credible investments that will diversify and transform various industries — IT, green technology, fintech, light manufacturing, smart agriculture, logistics, health informatics and small business,” said Harold Lovell, UPP Political Leader
The UPP will create greater demand for our human, social, analytic and creative skills and get young people on a career track or on a path to entrepreneurship. There will also be more avenues for revenue generation, which, with improved collection and prudent spending, will allow the UPP Government to invest more in infrastructure and in improving conditions for public servants.
The UPP’s goal is to ensure that every citizen and resident can survive on their salary without having to work themselves to death. In this regard the Party will raise the minimum wage to $10/hour, in line with Union recommendations.  They will also ensure that the National Minimum Wage Committee meets every two (2) years, in accordance with the law, to review the minimum wage and provide a report.
The Party will ensure that a lot of the everyday people – including domestic workers, gas-station attendants, and security guards – can provide for themselves and their families.
“We want to turn those living paycheck to paycheck into wealth creators; renters into homeowners; small business dreamers into small business owners; minimum-wage workers into living-wage consumers; and pandemic victims into financially empowered pandemic survivors,” said UPP Political Leader, Harold Lovell.
You can learn more about the UPP’s Jobs Plan here:

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